Guten Abend von der anderen Seite der Welt!
Ich bin ganz ehrlich und würde diesen Bloggeintrag schon lieber auf englisch als auf deutsch schreiben! Cause its easier!!!
I'm living here now for freaking 3 Month!!!! And I have to say thank you to my family and all the supporters, EF and my hostfamily and everyone that tries to make that year more than just an experience!!!
The last few month were kinda amazing!!! I met all these nice guys at camp! I still love them and think about the awesome (short) time we had!!
Then thers my awesome host family!! After a hard time over the first few month we still get better along, and yeah, I just love them!!!
I think nowadays we have a really good relationship! We can speak over the Problems... and I just start to enjoy every day!!

Then there are all these crazy people at my Highschool! 1.200 Students and it seems like everybody knows me!
I met so many cool kids and some of them (I'm more than pretty sure!!) Friends fore lifetime!!!
And the best people I ever met!!
SOmetimes I get ask if I want to come back to the USA one day... OF COURSE! AFTER " YEARS IN GERMANY!!!

The last month were absolutely crazy!!
Im kind of a school star and everybody wants to know me or hang out with me, I find English way easier than german, I dream in English, I think in Englisch, ok manchmal auch auf deutsch, I had my first HoCo with awesome people, I love my teachers, I broke my leg... I cant even explain what was going on in the last month!!!

But ok lets start with the first football game, the game was pretty cool bc we won, it was awesome to feel the #efschoolspirit!! Everyone was cheering and painted or dressed in the colors! I met some new people and the first youth kids did took pictures with me (it was like 129 pictures and I didn't even know these kids). Then I met with some friends and we went to mcDonalds! I had an Ice and the double Cheesburger... healthy! ;) :D
I met a girl there, shes cheerleader!
We both begun to text and she was kind of telling me where I have to go to become a normal highschool kid, so everyone is hanging out on the lockers upstairs bf school starts... so I went upstairs the first days I stand with her together...! Then I asked her if we want to eat somewhere and go to the movies.. I knew that she liked me either so we both had an nice evening at the movies.. ok all the stuff that happened after that was just awkward and weird but ok! :D I'm a exchange student, don't let girl problems overhelm you! So she didn't talk to me at all and I begun to make some new Friends. And yeah I just have to say OMG I love them all!!!!
The boys are all so nice and the girls, not only that the most of them are realy das sag ich jetzt mal nicht auf englisch, möchte ja nicht dass das hier jemand liest :D also ja ;)
I just love them!!

After some weeks of Cross COuntry and btw my first time under 19min ofer a freaking 5K I broke my leg..

ok not really its a stress fracture but yeah... now I'm out for the 6th week of running...  I decided to start with biking again, the weather is still so nice!! its 65/70 degree (15/20 grad Celsius) and sunshine and clear blue sky! Its just awesome!
Also the nature... AWESOME! That weekend me and my hostmum are going to a Mt. and pick some fresh apples... I'm not excited for the apples... I'm so excited to be part and in that beautifull nature!!

Then there was HocO (Homecoming) me with a broken leg.. awesome :D
ok jk it was just awesome! Me and my kind of granpa were hiding out to the store at 11am I got the frist coursage for my date, it looked nice serious!! :D  I'm sorry but I don't have pictures yet...! :/
The I watched IM Hawaii and skyped with my parents..
I got ready at 5pm and a friend of me picked me up... we both were kinda nervous and excited. Then we met with our photogroup at a friends house... all these nice girls are dressed up and we too... amazing!
Yeah  I decided to make some pictures wit my friends either! and here are some results with my best friend ;)

And two weeks on monday there was the start of Young Life Hanover, I just decided to go and meet some friends from school, now I have to saz I love it and I love the waz americans think about god! Its just the best daz of mz week everz mondaz, and yes we are going to mcdonalds afterwards... healthz living :D

All in all I just have to say it was an awesome evening!!

Yeah and now... now we are here, my 3rd month in 3hours... what a crazy quarter year... I LOVE YALL!!!

Und jetzt mal wieder in deutsch, or no I just write that one in English, I wanted to say how crazy my hostfamily eat! sometimes I have serious to smile :D when they eat potatos, they eat them wth the skin! most from the oven baked or cooked! and yeah its everyday chicken... but its awesome chicken!!! ;D

And I cant say how much I'm lookingg forward to see my family in 7 month! Thank yall for everything!!! I LOVE yall!!!

BTW Important dates to remember.

swim start 11/9
RUNNING START 18/9 latest date!
Thanks giving 26/11

here are some more crayz pictures or stuff!

me against my shadow

she is just awesome! :D

first time sushi I think, It was a great weekend with my host mother in Kingsdominio!

                                                             breakfast every day!

chores:D ok tbh i love that doggy haha

not onlz a team to run with, sometimes more than great friends!

The team has to run, the german has to support!

Great time, good team and I am looking forward to swim again!!